The majority consume magic mushrooms because of various reasons. Its taste is not too pleasing is an earthy metallic taste. Even though the taste is not so good, some benefits make everyone want to consume that part of the magic mushroom buy mushrooms online

They can treat types of psychiatric disorders such as depression, post-trauma syndrome disorders, and anxiety. For disease treatment and control, it has to be in lower doses. In other cases, people use them for fun or spiritual rituals. 

They tend to alter consciousness, and it is necessary to be cautious when consuming them. For the first-time consumer, take in the smaller quantity it’s advisable to take them when indoors.  

There are several ways of consuming magic mushrooms, and it all depends on consumption reasons. How you consume it varies from one individual to the other. To some individuals, the taste is unbearable, and therefore, it is good to mask them. 

Below are some of the method to consume magic mushrooms; 

Chewing and Swallowing Magic Mushroom 

It is a common way used by many to consume magic mushrooms. Cleaning with cold water and wiping with a paper towel is the first step before eating them.  

It is necessary to chew them exhaustively to make sure their juices mix with saliva. The psychoactive compounds get into the bloodstream slowly, reaching every cell in the body. It takes forty-five minutes for the overall effects to show up. 

For positive effect, consume mushrooms on an empty stomach. 

Magic Mushroom Capsules 

Magic mushrooms can be in capsule form. The capsules help in masking the bitter taste and also measuring the dose requirements. You can make your capsules by having a grinder and empty capsules. You can use a coffee grinder to grind them into a fine powder and fill in the empty capsule. 

Those who lead a busy life can prefer capsules because it is easier to carry. 

Cup of Tea 

A cup of tea is a popular way to consume magic mushrooms and cover the bitter taste. With this, you can make your tea to your satisfying taste. 

Never boil the mushroom because boiling will destroy the active ingredients. Heat mushrooms in the pan and grind them into small pieces. Then with a cup of warm water and the pieces and simmer to taste. 

 You can add tea leaves or take it as it is. You can flavor the tea with honey, ginger, or lemon to make it tasty.  

Psilocybin Edibles 

Adding Magic mushroom to your will make you gain the whole potent experience of the product. Active ingredient breaks down on excessive heat. Therefore, you should not cook the mushroom direct but add it as a topping or sauce. 

It will help in the overall taste as well as the feeling of light-headedness throughout.  


Consumption of magic mushrooms should not be hectic because of the taste. The above methods will deliver the psychoactive compound psilocybin to the bloodstream system on the recommended dose. You add the magic mushroom to any foodstuff and enjoy the experience of it. 

When taking magic mushrooms, take the recommended dose. 

You start with the low dose then, increase with time as it gets into your blood system.