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As one falls ill, pain comes as a result – pain often results from many causes like disease, disorder, defect, or accidents occurring within the body. Of course, treating the pain itself is not necessarily the remedy for the disease, yet pain relief is a step toward healing. Reasons why cannabis reduces pain are explicit and presented in detail.

Earlier on, researchers discovered the pain-relieving properties of cannabis and tested them out on several patients to relieve headaches. This research strengthened the interest in identifying some reasons why cannabis reduces pain in mammals. Later, those who had AIDS and cancer proved to be aided by this. 

The Science behind Pain-relieving Cannabis

The nerve cells are responsible for sending pain signals to the brain receptors for interpretation. You should note that pain originates from receptor-bearing cells that become triggered by changes in temperature, pressure, touch, and chemical changes. 

There are three ways in which pain travels to the brain receptors- somatic, Visceral, and neuropathic. Regardless of the type, it may be short-lived (lasting for some minutes), intense (lasting for hours), or chronic (may last for days or years.) 

For short-lived pains, doctors do prescribe narcotic drugs similar to opium. However, chronic pain can no longer be relieved using narcotics drugs. Even when narcotics get used, they often cause nausea and can’t end the pain. Here is where cannabis comes in! Cannabis can relieve chronic pains without engendering many side effects. 

Basic experiments indicate that Cannabinoids show great promise in dealing with pain. Numerous receptors for cannabinoids are in the peripheral nerves, which can detect pain sensations. Cannabinoids that block pain transmission in mammals are a viable remedy for chronic pains.

The hope is that narcotics be used together with medicinal marijuana to curb pain. When this is so, it becomes an instant relief to many patients who lie desperately without any aid. 

Despite this remedy by researchers, other clinical personnel still have failed to prove its effectiveness due to limited research tools. Further, it is said to have side effects to users far from relieving pain. Another challenge is the inability to determine an accurate dosage for medicinal cannabis. However, besides the reasons cannabis reduces pain, it has been found to have additional therapeutic implications.


It is not enough to claim that the current research about medicinal cannabis is insufficient. While there is less research, the reasons cannabis reduces pain are explicit and need no further elaboration. 

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Amazing Facts You Need to Know about Sativa vs Indica

Before someone decides to try any of the two species of marijuana, they must have collected some information on how they look, and even how they affect the functioning of the body. Although they are species of the same plant, sativa vs indica differences and uses discussion has always been necessary to give individuals a clear picture of the two varieties of cannabis.

Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica exhibit differences and uses outlined below.

Physical Structure

Without much keenness, the difference in leaf size and arrangement in cannabis sativa and cannabis indica is obvious. Whereas sativa species are less branched with slender leaves and can grow as high as twenty feet, Indica plants have wider leaves and are bushy due to dense branching. They can grow up to five feet high. Talks on sativa vs indica differences and uses have been based on this disparity.

Cannabinoid Present

As the cannabinoid present in a particular species of cannabis is responsible for the type of effect caused after its consumption, there is a need to understand this concept during the sativa vs indica debate. The two prevalent cannabinoids are usually CBD and THC. 

Both THC and CBD may be contained in cannabis sativa as well as in cannabis indica. However, the difference in concentration of the two components is what brings out the contrast. Studies have shown that cannabis indica usually has more CBD and less THC. Cannabis sativa on the other hand is normally associated with high THC levels and low levels of CBD Online .

Effects on the Body

Depending on the type of cannabinoid predominant in a particular species, their effects on the body are different. THC is the cannabinoid that is most reactive in the body and highly binds with CB1 brain receptors to mediate its functions. CBD on the contrary is less reactive when interacting with CB1 receptors.

The high concentration of THC in sativa plants explains the euphoric feeling exhibited by an individual after consuming it. Other possible effects of using cannabis sativa include loss of memory and impaired balance. Cannabis indica does not cause the highness experience due to high concentrations of CBD. 

Research on sativa vs indica differences and uses has shown that consumption of cannabis sativa results to relief of pain from migraines and cancer. This is because of the high THC levels in the sativa species, which binds to CB1 receptors and block pain transmission. High CBD levels in cannabis indica antagonize the extreme effects of cannabis sativa.


As many conversations on sativa vs indica erupt, the need to come up with outstanding evidence is vital. In summary, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica have noticeable differences ranging from their outward appearance, and levels of cannabinoids present to how they mediate their effects in the body after consumption.  

How to buy weed online in Canada

What is Weed? 

Cannabis (marijuana or weed) is a psychoactive drug that is derived from the Cannabis Sativa herb/plant and comes in three categories: Sativa, Indica and hybrid. The Indica strain is physically sedating and has a calming and relaxing effect, the Sativas enhances your energy, uplifts cerebral effects combined with creative projects and physical activity and hybrids balance the effects of the sativa and Indica. 


On the 17th of October, 2018, The Canadian Cannabis Act came into effect, making it the second country to legalize recreational marijuana (weed) after Uruguay. The Act allows persons over the age of 18 years of age (in some provinces it’s 19 years old) to buy, use, consume cannabis for recreational purposes. However, the Canadian provinces implemented restrictions through which legal cannabis can be bought and sold online. Cannabis producers supply the provincial governments who in turn supply /sell the retailers or consumers directly.  

In Summary: As long as the law and rules set by the provinces are adhered to, buying weed online anywhere within Canada is legal. 

Important Facts 

The standard information required to buy weed online in Canada, is your name and address of the province you’re purchasing from, together with your payment information. Some websites may request for your photo ID when logging in, although most of them only need this upon delivery. It is important to note that, the legal possession limit in public is 30g of weed per purchase; the weight can be in cannabis oils, dried cannabis flower, pre-rolls or it can be a combination of both.  

Prices, products and delivery dates vary from each website. You also cannot purchase cannabis from another online cannabis store in another province. You can only buy within your province – online stores will not ship nor deliver outside their province.  

You can legally buy weed online in any province in Canada, though this is significantly controlled by the regional governments so as to eradicate and eliminate the sale of marijuana through the black-market and also prevent money laundering and the channeling of these ill-gotten funds to illegal activities. 

In Summary: Most cannabis stores are government operated, though some provinces have privately owned online stores. You can only buy the cannabis from licensed and registered online retailers or your purchase could be seized, you could get heavily fined or incarcerated for illegally obtaining the product. 

Basic Steps on How to Buy Weed Online 

Step 1: Look for legitimate Canadian websites that sell online cannabis and log in. Once you have registered, most sites will have a listing of their products to choose from or different search options to peruse. Here is where the strain, brand and any other relevant information will be stored. 

Step 2: Select the quantity of the product or products you want to order and add to the cart. 

Step 3: Most sites (if this is your first time shopping with them) will ask for your name, physical, billing & shipping address, email, personal details, photo ID ( with signature), payment details and a password to be able to complete the order.   

Step 4: Proceed to make payment pay according to their payment mode and preference.   

Step 5: Log out and wait for your delivery. This varies within provinces from 1 to 3 business days to a maximum of 10 days if on the outskirt of the region. 

In Summary: Reputable, trustworthy and verified online cannabis retailers have a responsibility to protect customer privacy and ensure that products are tamper-proof and delivered undamaged and on time. Also counter-check their terms & conditions, money-back guarantee and refund policy before committing to purchasing anything. 

In conclusion, before you buy any weed online in Canada Shiva buzz dispensary, it is imperative that you verify the source of the products and get as much information about the retailer as possible. Peruse their product catalogues thoroughly, ask questions, understand what varieties and quality of the merchandise they keep in stock and ensure that they stock thoroughly-tested, well vetted and high-quality products only. Also check their online store reviews and other customers’ experiences to aid you make the right decision pertaining to where you will be making your current and future purchases. Lastly, visit a couple of online marijuana stores and do price comparison -premium product equates to premium (high) pricing. Happy shopping!  


Many varieties of cannabis strains globally, although cannabis flower has only two major types, indica and Sativa.  This article, focuses more on the effects of indica vs. Sativa strain. 

They are both subspecies of cannabis. They have several effects on several factors, mainly the cannabinoids and the terpenes in the chemical compounds found in them. They are often heralded for their potential medicinal properties. They are frequently used for pain reduction, combat nausea, boost appetite and relieve anxiety. Below are the effects of indica vs. Sativa strain. 

Indica strains help in the muscles’ relaxation and slow down the brain, while Sativa strains help an individual be productive and focused. Indica is sought mostly after for its relaxing effects. Due to its soothing effects, it’s advisable to be consumed at night. Sativa strains help an individual to gain a lot of energy to complete his or her tasks. This is because Sativa makes a person be more alert and focused. 

Consuming indica strains is sedating, while Sativa strains result in many cerebral effects. Sativa strains enable the individual to be alert, active, and able to tackle physical tasks compassionately. Indica strains, on the other hand, indoor pieces make a person feel sleepy hence is advisable to be used by people with insomnia. 

Indica strains boost the appetite of an individual as compared to Sativa strains which reduce one’s need. It enables the consumer to enjoy the food and the drink they are taking. Medical practitioners always advise patients with a low appetite to use indica strains, thus boosting their desire. They highly discourage taking Sativa strains as this will affect them even more by reducing their need. Sativa strains are only advisable for a person with a low energy level to use. This will help boost their energy, especially for an individual who is too busy to eat. 

Some users of both indica and Sativa strains report feeling a distorted sense of time. They feel as though time is slowing down or has completely stopped. Indica and Sativa strain speed up ideas and perceptions to its consumers. Research conducted shows that high consumption of indica and Sativa strains leads to mild hallucinations and dissociation. 

Both indica and Sativa strains affect their consumers physically in a similar manner. Reports conducted show that consumers of both indica and Sativa strains experience increased heart rates,  dry or red eyes, muscle relaxation, and dry mouth. 

In addition to that, there is variation in the psychoactive effect of indica and Sativa strain. However, they both have the same chemical process. They both affect several levels of neurotransmitters, including norepinephrine and dopamine. The changes might cause changes in euphoria, conscious perception, increased libido, relaxation, amplified sensuality, and introspection.  

As much as indica and Sativa strain has some effects when consumed, they can also be used for various purposes such as clothing, producing hemp for seed oil, and painting. These are just some of the few uses of indica and Sativa strains, but there are many more. 

Although the distinctions between cannabis indica and cannabis Sativa strain may seem to be small at a glance, it has pretty significant effects, cultivation practices, industrial and medical uses. 

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