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Amazing Facts You Need to Know about Sativa vs Indica

Before someone decides to try any of the two species of marijuana, they must have collected some information on how they look, and even how they affect the functioning of the body. Although they are species of the same plant, sativa vs indica differences and uses discussion has always been necessary to give individuals a clear picture of the two varieties of cannabis.

Cannabis sativa and cannabis indica exhibit differences and uses outlined below.

Physical Structure

Without much keenness, the difference in leaf size and arrangement in cannabis sativa and cannabis indica is obvious. Whereas sativa species are less branched with slender leaves and can grow as high as twenty feet, Indica plants have wider leaves and are bushy due to dense branching. They can grow up to five feet high. Talks on sativa vs indica differences and uses have been based on this disparity.

Cannabinoid Present

As the cannabinoid present in a particular species of cannabis is responsible for the type of effect caused after its consumption, there is a need to understand this concept during the sativa vs indica debate. The two prevalent cannabinoids are usually CBD and THC. 

Both THC and CBD may be contained in cannabis sativa as well as in cannabis indica. However, the difference in concentration of the two components is what brings out the contrast. Studies have shown that cannabis indica usually has more CBD and less THC. Cannabis sativa on the other hand is normally associated with high THC levels and low levels of CBD Online .

Effects on the Body

Depending on the type of cannabinoid predominant in a particular species, their effects on the body are different. THC is the cannabinoid that is most reactive in the body and highly binds with CB1 brain receptors to mediate its functions. CBD on the contrary is less reactive when interacting with CB1 receptors.

The high concentration of THC in sativa plants explains the euphoric feeling exhibited by an individual after consuming it. Other possible effects of using cannabis sativa include loss of memory and impaired balance. Cannabis indica does not cause the highness experience due to high concentrations of CBD. 

Research on sativa vs indica differences and uses has shown that consumption of cannabis sativa results to relief of pain from migraines and cancer. This is because of the high THC levels in the sativa species, which binds to CB1 receptors and block pain transmission. High CBD levels in cannabis indica antagonize the extreme effects of cannabis sativa.


As many conversations on sativa vs indica erupt, the need to come up with outstanding evidence is vital. In summary, cannabis sativa and cannabis indica have noticeable differences ranging from their outward appearance, and levels of cannabinoids present to how they mediate their effects in the body after consumption.