Understanding THC And Effects On Pets Especially Dogs?

With the legalization of weed in many different states, veterinarians are having an increase in dogs coming in because of weed. Many of these dogs are normally been treated for weed poisoning after consuming the drug itself or a product that contains THC. When your pet let?s say your dog ends up consuming weed, all that they end up experiencing are the side effects that come with THC and effects on pets e use of THC. Most commonly, they are going to experience things like dribbling urine, lethargy, wobbling gait, saliva and they are also going to be very highly sensitive on noise and light. As much as the symptoms that have been mentioned may not really be life-threatening, they do not have any beneficial effect on your pet.

However, the most important thing that one needs to understand is that the treatment for your dog is simple. However, before the treatment is looked upon, why would you want to put your pet through such an uncomfortable situation? For the better of your dog or any other pet you may be keeping, it is important for you to make sure that you keep away from your pets.

If your dog recently took something that contains THC, the best possible reaction would for it to be induced so that it can vomit it out. Doing this is very important because it is at least going to prevent your dog from having to go through the various symptoms that come with the use of this drug. However, if a considerable amount has elapsed and you already know what THC and effects on pets, then it is advisable for you to make sure that your dog is hydrated throughout in a place that is quiet for a couple of hours. You can do this for a given period until the amount of THC in their system goes down.

You may be wondering what THC and effects on pets and why the effects have to be so negative. Even though it might not be clear if a dog is able to tolerate the psychoactive ingredient that is contained in weed, all we are sure of is that the size of the dog is something that is going to play a key role.  When you compare a human who weighs 150 pounds to a dog that is only 15 pounds, then the THC and effects on pets are going to be at most 10 times to the dog. As mentioned earlier, even though there are no life-threatening effects, your pet may end up getting poisoned simply because of making use of the drug. If you find that your pet is going through serious effects like arthritis that is severe, making use of a treatment that comes from weed may come in handy.

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