Methods Of Eating Cannabis

Cannabis which is also known as Marijuana originated from Central Asia before moving to other parts of the World. cannabis drug is obtained from the cannabis herbal plant. The drug can be consumed in different ways depending with psychological impact that the user requires. The method of consumption includes:

  • Smoking This is the most widely used method of administering this drug online dispensary canada into one?s body. This method entails burning of dried marijuana flowers in a pipe or in any other smoking device to generate a smoke which is then inhaled into the lungs before they get absorbed into the blood system. This is the most effect method as its impact is great.
  • Vaping: For this method in entails the use of vaporizers which are first used to extract the cannabis vapor out of the herbal plant. The herbal pant is heated in the vaporizer at a temperature of about 200? which the boiling point of marijuana. The extracted vapor is then inhaled into the blood system. This method is less effective as much of the component of the drug is lost during vaporization.
  • Ingestion: This method involves infusing the active component of cannabis with edible substances to form what is called cannabis edible. It is this  cannabis edible which is then administered orally through the mouth. This drug can also be eaten raw or can be mixed with some other solvents in which the drug is soluble in the taken as a drink. A jelly like substance can also be obtained from the active component of the drug then mixed with other solvents to form a drinkable solution or as a sweet liquid infused with cannabis to form cannabis syrup which is then taken as a drink or in form tea through the mouth.

    The drug may also be administered as pills in form of cannabinoids through the mouth.

  • Spraying: For this method the drug is first transformed into fumes or spray and then sprayed in the tongue.
  • Creams: Under this method cannabis ointments or creams are applied on the skin by spreading it all over the skin the same way somebody applies oil to the body.
  • Transdermal patch: This involves the wearing of badges or patches which contains cannabis on the skin.
  • Chewing gum: This involves the chewing of gums which have been infused with cannabis called cannabinoids gums. The cannabinoids are then absorbed into the bloodstream via the mucous wall in the mouth.
  • THCA Crystals: Tetrahydrocannabinolic acids are cannabis crystals which are extracted through heating then grounded into powder before being eaten orally.
  • THC Bath Soaks: This involves mixing of tetrahydrocannabinolic with water in a water bath and then soaking oneself inside that water. The active part of the drug gets absorbed through the skin pores into the bloodstream of the user.

In conclusion, Marijuana has a variety of uses varying from medical to leisure use. The mode of consumption to be used depends on the level of impact required by the user.