Methods Of Eating Cannabis-FAQ About Cannabis Edibles

Most of the US states have now legalized marijuana use for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Cannabis can be delivered to your body through various methods. You can either smoke it or eat it. The method that you choose will depend on what you want to achieve. In case your goal is to have a fast high effect, then you can smoke cannabis. On the other hand, if you want to use marijuana for medicinal reasons, it is advisable to eat it. This is because the effects of eating marijuana come slow and last for long time. Furthermore, edibles are offered in measured dosages. This article looks at various Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about cannabis edibles as follows:

What are marijuana edibles?

These are foods that are infused with cannabis. Edibles contain activated cannabis. The activated form of Peak 420 cannabis has been prepared, is psychoactive in nature and ready to be digested by the body. These edibles have been used since time immemorial. For instance in India, bhang used to be prepared and infused in various foods. These foods were used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Currently, in the western world, cannabis is infused in various foods including brownies, chocolates, sauces etc.

What are the positives of using edibles?

  • Consistence dosing– In case you’re a patient, you need to use cannabis as per the prescribed dosage. Most of the cannabis infused edibles have specific measured dosages. This is important in ensuring that you’re not under-dosed or overdosed.
  • Effects-The effects of eaten cannabis come slowly and take long in the body as compared to smoked cannabis. The product is evenly distributed in the body and can relief your pain effectively. This means that even if you take the cannabis in the morning, you can comfortably do your job with less disruption.
  • Discretion-Many people are sensitive about their personal privacy. When you use edibles, you discreetly consume cannabis.
  • Flavour-When you infuse cannabis with the food, you enhance its taste. Foods such as brownies, pizza, granola are very delicious.

How long do edibles take before seeing their effects?

Unlike smoked cannabis whose effects are seen within a short period of time, edibles take a long time before its impact is felt. This is because edibles pass through different paths of the body for digestion before absorbed and utilized. Because the effects of edibles last for long time in the body, they are recommended for people who use them for medicinal purposes.

Why are edibles more effective than smoked cannabis?

The edibles are more potent in the body compared to other forms of cannabis due to the way they are broken down by the body. They must be slowly get digested in the stomach and the digestive tract. They must pass through the liver for further break down. What is finally utilized by the body is the most potent form of cannabis that has powerful therapeutic effects.

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