CBDs And Pets

What are the chances that someone has recommended you use CBD for your pets?

In most states where the use of cannabis and its products has been legalized pet owners have found a new way to deal with pet problems. You might have a cat or dog the is always super charged and anxious or an old beloved pet that has been a companion for too long and you it keeps on worrying you due to regular muscular and joint pains. The answer to these problems is using CBD oils in managing your cat or dog.

So how do you use CBD properly without harming your pet?

  • Know the proper dosage. Avoid giving your Pet so much CBD and inconvenience how it lives its day to day life. Remember, you are only seeking some sort of control on the situation you find yourself in. always start with a smaller dosage and move to bigger portions. The recommended dosage is 0.05mg per day for starters and developing this dosage to around 1mg per day.
  • Know the type you are offering your pet. Some CBD products buy weed online are Isolate or full spectrum. It is therefore important to discuss extensively with the person selling it to you how you should use it and which type it is. This will help you in determining the dosage and frequency on

    administering it.

  • Amount of THC present in each dosage. It is very important to realize that CBD can be toxic to pets. Experts recommend very little amounts of THC or it might not work well as expected and it might end up harming your pet in the long term. While assessing the right amount other things such as the type of pet, its age and body size come into play. The bigger the pet the moderate the amount of THC should be used.
  • The disease your dog is suffering from. There is not so much research discussing the medical use of CBD to manage various conditions that affect pets. Each condition occurs differently and the level of pain is different. Dogs suffering from arthritis need a less dosage compared to dogs suffering from cancer.
  • Purity of the product. There are unscrupulous dealers manufacturing CBD using unscrupulous means. This means that many harmful additives are found in their CBD products and. This might end up affecting the health of your pet negatively.  Always ensure you pick a dealer that you can trust with the health of your pets.


Many pet owners today are using CBD products. It is very important however to know that very little research has been done with the regards to CBD and pet management. It is therefore advisable to join platforms that discuss on the use of CBD and pets to gain the right information.