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Negative health issues people encounter for using cannabis

According to many studies conducted, it clear that the number of marijuana users rises daily, and it’s now raising the alarm to several states on whether to legalize it or not. Despite the new state laws loosening the restriction of cannabis still, Drug Enforcement Agency keeps marijuana as one of the Schedule 1 narcotics. The paper will, therefore, explore about the side effect of using cannabis. 

Memory loss
People who use weed without moderation for five years or more develop more impoverished verbal memory middle age. It was discovered based on the research that was conducted across the United States among the users. However, it was found that when taken in a small amount, it has no harm to the memory of the people. So, people should consider avoiding weed or take it in moderation. 

Heart damage 
When a person finishes smoking cannabis, the heart starts beating faster, and the blood pressure significantly drops. The heartbeat usually increases by 20 to 50 beats per minute. As a result of that, there are high chances of users getting a heart attack. Based on the studies, it is shown that the risk of heart attack among the users is four times higher than non-smokers within the first hour after smoking.

Lungs problems 
Smoking weed may cause stinging and burning of the throat and mouth even if a person rarely smokes. As a result of this, it causes heavy coughing among users. The scientists have found out that frequent cannabis smokers may experience similar respiratory problems like tobacco smokers. The respiratory issues they face include; lung infections, often chest illnesses, persistent cough, and phlegm production. It clear that cannabis contains more carcinogenic hydrocarbons when compared to tobacco smoke. When marijuana smokers are smoking, they inhale deeper and hold smoke; hence, their lungs are exposed to carcinogenic properties for a longer time. So, marijuana’s effect on the lungs should not be taken for granted. 

Effect on the brain 
Delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, is the most ingredient linked to marijuana. This ingredient acts on cannabinoid receptors on nerve cells, and as a result, it causes the effect of those cells. Some brain areas have several cannabinoid receptors, whereas others have few or none. The part that influences memory thought, concentration, pleasure, time perception, coordinated movement, and sensory have many cannabinoid receptors. So, when a high dose of cannabis is eaten in food, it causes symptoms such as hallucination, delusion, disorientation, and impaired memory. However, when smoked, there are high chances that the users may not experience any of the named symptoms.

Effects on bones 
Based on research, it clear that people who smoke cannabis in large quantities have reduced bone density and have high chances of getting fractures. As a result, marijuana users will later in their life face a higher risk of osteoporosis. 

People are therefore required to be taught on the adverse health issues linked to cannabis so that they can decide which path to follow. As well, the users can be advised to take it in moderation rather than in large quantities.
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How To Infuse Butter With Cannabis When Cooking With Cannabis

Owing to the health benefits that medical cannabis comes with, it is about time you incorporated it in your cooking. This is because edibles are one of the most effective ways of consuming the herb. However, cooking with cannabis is not that straight forward, as you do not cook directly with it but use ingredients that are infused with it. One of the ingredients that you can infuse the cannabis with is your butter. However, you will need to follow certain steps when achieving this, for it to be effective. This article will therefore delve into the steps that you need to follow, when infusing cannabis with your butter.

Heat the butter on a pan

The first step of infusing cannabis in your butter is heating the butter on a pan. This is so as to melt the butter, so that the infusion can become easy. However, this is not to say that you ought to heat the butter until it boils. You will need to regulate the amount of heat, so as to avoid burning it. As it melts, you will need to stir it while adding more of the butter, until you melt the amount of butter that you need.

Grind your cannabis

You will agree with me that infusing your cannabis with your butter in its raw form can be a hard nut to crack. That is why you need to grind your cannabis, so as to make the mixing easy. You will therefore need to remove the seeds, leaves, as well as the stem of the cannabis plant, as you only need its flowers. Dry the cannabis in order to make the grinding easy and grind it in a food processor or coffee grinder. However, do not overdo it, as you do not need fine grinded cannabis particles.

Simmer the mixture

Once you have grounded your cannabis, you will need to mix it with your butter. After you have ensured that they are evenly mixed, you will in turn need to simmer the mixture. However, you will need to observe the amount of heat that you simmer with, to avoid burning the mixture. As the mixture continues to heat and melt, keep adding the mixture as you stir, to ensure that they completely mix.

Strain the butter

Once you have made sure that the butter and cannabis has completely infused, you will in turn need to strain the mixture. When doing this therefore, you will need to choose a container to store the mixture, strain it, and store it in your refrigerator. You can then substitute your butter with the cannabis infused butter while cooking and enjoy the benefits that cannabis brings to the fore.  

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Choosing The Best CBD Oil For Your Pets

Pets are embroiled in many homes just like children. That is why people across the world go miles in order to cater for the well-being of their pets. In case you own a pet therefore, you will need to ensure that its health is paramount. The good thing with pet’s treatment is that there has been a discovery of medical cannabis, which is used to treat majority of health issues in not only humans but also pets. One such type of medical marijuana is the CBD oil. However, in order to achieve the expected results, you will need to choose the right oil. Below are some tips of choosing the best CBD oil for your pets.

Go all the way organic

Whenever you are buying a CBD oil, you need an oil that is not only healthy but also safe for your pet. Nonetheless, knowing whether a CBD oil is healthy or not can be a hard nut to crack, as there are no labels to it. However, there are other ways you can ensure that the oil that your pet is being administered with is healthy and safe. Just like food, CBD oil is best and healthy while organic. Organically grown foods have low levels of pesticides and fungicides are therefore are healthy and safe to be used by your pets. Choosing an organic CBD oil assures you of the wellbeing of your pet’s health conditions.

Never be lured by prices

Most times than not, you will be lured by low prices of some of the CBD oil. However, in case you want the best, you must be willing to dig deeper into your pockets. CBD oil fraudsters use low prices to rib off your hard-earned cash, by offering you a low quality oil. However, this should never be the case with you. It is worth spending more for high quality products, rather than spending less and the effects of the CBD oil that are less to none. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that not all high costing CBD oils are of high quality.

Seek professional help

Your pet’s health is paramount and as such, you should never play dilly dally with it. That is why before you can embark in buying the best weed dispensary CBD oil, you need to seek the services of a vet, so that they can determine whether the oil is the best treatment plan for your pet. In addition, you will need to be given the right prescriptions, so as not to over or under dose your pet. You can only achieve this with professional help. Therefore, just book an appointment with a professional and let him or her lay the facts about CBD oil with pets on the table.

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Economic Benefits Of Legalizing Cannabis That Every State Should Consider

It is now almost six years since the first state in the United States legalized the sale, growth, and purchase of cannabis. Many states have followed suit while others have remained cautious about the legalization. Nonetheless, there are still some states that are on the verge of cannabis legalization, as the cannabis legalization bills are still being processed. It is worth noting that legalization of cannabis comes with its fair share of benefits that every state that is on the verge of legalizing cannabis should consider. This article will focus on the economic benefits that legalizing cannabis brings to the state.

It creates job opportunities

As a state, the number one concern that they should have ought to be the welfare of their citizens. With one of the biggest problem in many states is unemployment. Currently, in states that have not yet legalized cannabis, the sale is being done through the black market. However, with the legalization of cannabis, dispensaries will crop up in every corner of the state, as business owners compete for clients. This will, in turn, provide job opportunities thus providing a source of income to many households. In addition, the farmers that specialize in the growth of cannabis will get a market where they can sell their products and thus get a source of income.

Increases the tax revenue

The number of people that consume cannabis around the country will surprise you. however, due to the criminalization of the sale, growth, and purchase of cannabis in states that have not yet legalized Canadian Kush Dispensary the plant, states and the country at large never benefit from the high revenues that the market hold. With the shrinking economy around the world, therefore, it would be wise for states that are on the verge of legalizing cannabis to speed up the process, so as to increase the revenue share of their states. A state can, therefore, take the proceeds from the legalization of cannabis revenue, to develop their states and provide services to their citizens.

Provides for investment opportunities

Owing to the illegalization of cannabis in many states, business owners are not free to invest their money in the market. All they can do is start selling the product through the black market, which can be very dangerous owing the sale of cannabis is illegal in some states. This being the case, therefore, legalization of cannabis gives investors and business owners the leeway to invest their money in the industry. In addition, the legalization of cannabis will empower investors to trade in the market freely and list the stocks that they get in the stock exchange thus contributing to the growth of the economy

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CBDs And Pets

What are the chances that someone has recommended you use CBD for your pets?

In most states where the use of cannabis and its products has been legalized pet owners have found a new way to deal with pet problems. You might have a cat or dog the is always super charged and anxious or an old beloved pet that has been a companion for too long and you it keeps on worrying you due to regular muscular and joint pains. The answer to these problems is using CBD oils in managing your cat or dog.

So how do you use CBD properly without harming your pet?

  • Know the proper dosage. Avoid giving your Pet so much CBD and inconvenience how it lives its day to day life. Remember, you are only seeking some sort of control on the situation you find yourself in. always start with a smaller dosage and move to bigger portions. The recommended dosage is 0.05mg per day for starters and developing this dosage to around 1mg per day.
  • Know the type you are offering your pet. Some CBD products buy weed online are Isolate or full spectrum. It is therefore important to discuss extensively with the person selling it to you how you should use it and which type it is. This will help you in determining the dosage and frequency on

    administering it.

  • Amount of THC present in each dosage. It is very important to realize that CBD can be toxic to pets. Experts recommend very little amounts of THC or it might not work well as expected and it might end up harming your pet in the long term. While assessing the right amount other things such as the type of pet, its age and body size come into play. The bigger the pet the moderate the amount of THC should be used.
  • The disease your dog is suffering from. There is not so much research discussing the medical use of CBD to manage various conditions that affect pets. Each condition occurs differently and the level of pain is different. Dogs suffering from arthritis need a less dosage compared to dogs suffering from cancer.
  • Purity of the product. There are unscrupulous dealers manufacturing CBD using unscrupulous means. This means that many harmful additives are found in their CBD products and. This might end up affecting the health of your pet negatively.  Always ensure you pick a dealer that you can trust with the health of your pets.


Many pet owners today are using CBD products. It is very important however to know that very little research has been done with the regards to CBD and pet management. It is therefore advisable to join platforms that discuss on the use of CBD and pets to gain the right information.

Methods Of Eating Cannabis

Cannabis which is also known as Marijuana originated from Central Asia before moving to other parts of the World. cannabis drug is obtained from the cannabis herbal plant. The drug can be consumed in different ways depending with psychological impact that the user requires. The method of consumption includes:

  • Smoking This is the most widely used method of administering this drug online dispensary canada into one?s body. This method entails burning of dried marijuana flowers in a pipe or in any other smoking device to generate a smoke which is then inhaled into the lungs before they get absorbed into the blood system. This is the most effect method as its impact is great.
  • Vaping: For this method in entails the use of vaporizers which are first used to extract the cannabis vapor out of the herbal plant. The herbal pant is heated in the vaporizer at a temperature of about 200? which the boiling point of marijuana. The extracted vapor is then inhaled into the blood system. This method is less effective as much of the component of the drug is lost during vaporization.
  • Ingestion: This method involves infusing the active component of cannabis with edible substances to form what is called cannabis edible. It is this  cannabis edible which is then administered orally through the mouth. This drug can also be eaten raw or can be mixed with some other solvents in which the drug is soluble in the taken as a drink. A jelly like substance can also be obtained from the active component of the drug then mixed with other solvents to form a drinkable solution or as a sweet liquid infused with cannabis to form cannabis syrup which is then taken as a drink or in form tea through the mouth.

    The drug may also be administered as pills in form of cannabinoids through the mouth.

  • Spraying: For this method the drug is first transformed into fumes or spray and then sprayed in the tongue.
  • Creams: Under this method cannabis ointments or creams are applied on the skin by spreading it all over the skin the same way somebody applies oil to the body.
  • Transdermal patch: This involves the wearing of badges or patches which contains cannabis on the skin.
  • Chewing gum: This involves the chewing of gums which have been infused with cannabis called cannabinoids gums. The cannabinoids are then absorbed into the bloodstream via the mucous wall in the mouth.
  • THCA Crystals: Tetrahydrocannabinolic acids are cannabis crystals which are extracted through heating then grounded into powder before being eaten orally.
  • THC Bath Soaks: This involves mixing of tetrahydrocannabinolic with water in a water bath and then soaking oneself inside that water. The active part of the drug gets absorbed through the skin pores into the bloodstream of the user.

In conclusion, Marijuana has a variety of uses varying from medical to leisure use. The mode of consumption to be used depends on the level of impact required by the user.

Methods Of Eating Cannabis-FAQ About Cannabis Edibles

Most of the US states have now legalized marijuana use for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Cannabis can be delivered to your body through various methods. You can either smoke it or eat it. The method that you choose will depend on what you want to achieve. In case your goal is to have a fast high effect, then you can smoke cannabis. On the other hand, if you want to use marijuana for medicinal reasons, it is advisable to eat it. This is because the effects of eating marijuana come slow and last for long time. Furthermore, edibles are offered in measured dosages. This article looks at various Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about cannabis edibles as follows:

What are marijuana edibles?

These are foods that are infused with cannabis. Edibles contain activated cannabis. The activated form of Peak 420 cannabis has been prepared, is psychoactive in nature and ready to be digested by the body. These edibles have been used since time immemorial. For instance in India, bhang used to be prepared and infused in various foods. These foods were used for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Currently, in the western world, cannabis is infused in various foods including brownies, chocolates, sauces etc.

What are the positives of using edibles?

  • Consistence dosing– In case you’re a patient, you need to use cannabis as per the prescribed dosage. Most of the cannabis infused edibles have specific measured dosages. This is important in ensuring that you’re not under-dosed or overdosed.
  • Effects-The effects of eaten cannabis come slowly and take long in the body as compared to smoked cannabis. The product is evenly distributed in the body and can relief your pain effectively. This means that even if you take the cannabis in the morning, you can comfortably do your job with less disruption.
  • Discretion-Many people are sensitive about their personal privacy. When you use edibles, you discreetly consume cannabis.
  • Flavour-When you infuse cannabis with the food, you enhance its taste. Foods such as brownies, pizza, granola are very delicious.

How long do edibles take before seeing their effects?

Unlike smoked cannabis whose effects are seen within a short period of time, edibles take a long time before its impact is felt. This is because edibles pass through different paths of the body for digestion before absorbed and utilized. Because the effects of edibles last for long time in the body, they are recommended for people who use them for medicinal purposes.

Why are edibles more effective than smoked cannabis?

The edibles are more potent in the body compared to other forms of cannabis due to the way they are broken down by the body. They must be slowly get digested in the stomach and the digestive tract. They must pass through the liver for further break down. What is finally utilized by the body is the most potent form of cannabis that has powerful therapeutic effects.

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How Tourism Is A Bigger Winner Of Cannabis Legalization In Canada

As a result of cannabis legalization in Canada, there are various sectors that are set to benefit from the amount of tourists that will visit the country. These sectors include medical field, agriculture, and retail marketing. The tourists are going to visit the country and benefit the aforementioned sectors in various ways.

The medical field

The medical field will gain a lot from the tourists visiting the country. We shall have medical tours of people who want to come and us cannabis for medicinal purposes. In most cases, the countries where these people come from prohibit marijuana use. Due to their medical conditions, they may come to Canada, use marijuana and relief their pains. In order to gain a lot from the tourists visiting the country, the suppliers needed to come up with medicial products that are able to treat or manage various conditions like inflammation, epilepsy, depression etc. Offering a variety of medical products will ensure that the medical field gains optimally from the tourists visiting the country.


Agricultural sector is set to gain a lot from the tourists that will come to Canada. Many tourists will visit weed farms and see how the hemp is grown. The tourists may want to learn one or two things about cannabis growing in Canada. The tourists may pay the owners of weed farms where they visit.


Selected retailers selling weed will interact and gain a lot from the tourists who visit Canada. The tourists will buy the various cannabis products that are offered by these retail outlets. The dispensaries selling marijuana for medicinal purposes will also gain a lot from the legalization of hemp. It is is important that these outlets store a variety of products that the tourists may need.

Tour Guide Firms

The tourists visiting the country will need to be guided by various firms that offer tourism guiding services. They are also set to gain a lot because most people visiting the country may want to know where to buy hemp both for recreational and medicinal purposes. The tour guides and companies need to have a lot of info about marijuana legalization so that they are able to offer the tourist educative information.


As a sector, tourism is set to gain a lot from the legalization of cannabis There will be new ways of packaging cannabis products as displaying them as part of Canadian heritage. Creative people will come up with thoughts on how to sell Canada as a tour destination that offers cannabis products.

Transportation industry

The transportation sector is set to gain a lot from the tourists that visit Canada. Th tourists may need to be transported from one location to another.

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Benefits Of Cannabidiol (CBD) For Pain

For years, people have relied on prescription or over the counter pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate various types of pain. However, the setback has been the cost with the best of these proving quite expensive and out of reach for many. The higher the intensity of pain, the higher the quality of the drug and its commensurate cost. Quite a financial burden to patients with chronic medical conditions. Consequently, patients search for alternative remedies to alleviate their pain and suffering. In this quest, one of such alternative remedies has been cannabis particularly its active ingredient, the cannabidiol or as commonly known by its acronym CBD.

Some difficult to manage neurological conditions have emerged especially in children below the age of ten. One such like is Dravet syndrome, which affects babies in their first year of birth involving recurring fever-related seizures that can lead to cot fatalities. Another is Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, affecting children 3 and 5 years old causing multiple seizures. Some pharmaceutical drugs weed online containing CBDs like epidiolex have been passed as safe for use in children though not below two years especially in the management of the LG syndrome. Studies have shown that CBD contains anti-seizure properties quite helpful in managing epileptic conditions with minimum side effects. Cannabidiol also speeds up the healing of neuronal injury, psychiatric stress and mitigating neurodegeneration.

In this context, an observation has been made that CBD could replicate effects of some antipsychotic drugs providing effective and safe treatment for patients with schizophrenia, though this requires further research.

In cancer, CBD significantly impedes the spread of cancer as the compound suppresses rampant multiplication of cancer cells and in effect destroys them. CBD as a natural compound has very low toxicity levels and as such can be used safely alongside standard pharmaceutical drugs for cancer treatment. For patients with Type 1 diabetes, their immune system attacks pancreatic cells causing severe inflammation and extreme pain. CBD?s anti-inflammatory effects help to minimize this pain and give the patient some comfort. The same anti-inflammatory properties help reduce or prevent altogether cases of acne vulgaris in a skin condition. CBD controls sebum production and reduces inflammation of sebaceous glands giving much needed relieve and eventually a smooth skin.

Anxiety related conditions are a challenge treating with conventional medicines. Whereas THC has been noted to increase anxiety and paranoia, CBD produces opposite effects, calming and reducing feelings of anxiety in patients with one or multiple disorders. Conventional medicines at times create unintended side effects and symptoms complicating a patient?s treatment. Smokers wishing to quit usually suffer anxiety, body pains, mood swings, and insomnia among other uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms leading to relapse. CBD can help reduce these symptoms.

Perks Of Using CBD Oil

CBD oil is extracted from cannabis. Unlike THC compound that makes a user to feel high, CBD does not create such feelings. The oil can be taken as a tincture or spread on smoothies. There are a number of medical conditions that CBD oil can treat or alleviate their symptoms. This article will evaluate some of the key conditions that treat as follows:

  • Neurological disorders-CBD treats symptoms associated with various neurological disorders. CBD alleviates the symptoms of various conditions like epilepsy, Parkinson?s and Alzheimer?s diseases. Furthermore, CBD oil does not have any serious side effects as compared to conventional drugs that may cause other undesirable conditions if used for a long time.
  • Anxiety and depression-It has been established that CBD treats symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Many of the conventional drugs that are used for the treatment of these conditions may have serious side effects especially when used for a long time. For sufferers of these conditions, it is advisable that they use for their treatment and management. However, before abandoning their conventional drugs, it is advisable that they seek medical opinion from their doctors.
  • Psychosis-CBD has anti-psychotic properties and may be used on patients suffering from this condition. The good news is that CBD has few side effects compared to conventional drugs used to treat psychosis.
  • Insomnia-CBD has the ability to improve sleep for those suffering from insomnia.

    It helps the patient fall and stay asleep for a long time. However, it is important to note that high doses of CBD may cause insomnia and anxiety at sleep time.

  • Inflammation-CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. It is the best treatment option for people suffering from such conditions like arthritis and rheumatoid.
  • Pain relief-Many conventional drugs for the treatment of chronic pain have various side effects. On the other hand, using CBD oil does not only relief pain but does not have any side effects. To avoid many side effects that come from long time opiod usage, it is important to switch to CBD oil. However, before taking this step, it is important to consult your doctor for more information.
  • Treatment of skin conditions-Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is used in the treatment of skin conditions like acne. In case you have tried the conventional medicine for the treatment of acne and they haven?t worked, it is important to use CBD oil as it may offer some relief.
  • Crohn?s Disease-Due to its ant-inflammatory properties, CBD may be used to treat conditions such as Cron?s disease which affects the bowels.
  • Degenerative diseases-Degenerative diseases affect many people. Most sufferers use conventional medicines which have many side effects. Though there, is no conclusive evidence indicating that CBD may fully treat these diseases, early research has promising evidence that this compound may treat such diseases like Parkinson?s Alzheimer?s etc.

American Gov’t Concerns About The Legalization Of Weed And Understanding That Laws That Govern It

When it comes to weed use, the American Gov’t concerns about the legalization of weed in different states. However, before you have a look at the various concerns that have been laid out, it would be a good idea to first start out by understanding what the regulation and legalization of weed in the U.S means. Currently, there is a lot of support from the public especially when it comes to the legalization of this product. A recent poll that was carried out clearly shows that half of America is okay with the legalization of weed. The DPA which is short for Drug Policy Alliance firmly believes that weed should not be included in the system for criminal justice and should also be regulated the same way tobacco and alcohol is.

What are the current laws surrounding weed in America?

When you are looking at the current laws, the very first thing that you should be looking at is where exactly weed has been legalized. Because of the American Gov’t concerns about the legalization of weed, the legalization has only be done in a total of 8 countries. If you want to go deeper into the legalization processes, then it would be a good idea to take the time and get to see how the legalization of weed has affected the U.S and how the government is reacting to it.

Why should the government forget about the American Gov’t concerns about the legalization of weed and embrace the legalization?

There are a number of benefits that tend to come with the legalization of weed in the United States, below are some of the ways in which the residents, as well as the government, are able to benefit from this kind of move.

  • It is a way of creating jobs

Legalization and the regulation of weed is something that is expected to bring the largest cash crop all under one law. In turn, this is going to positively affect the economy of the U.S.A mainly because of job creation that is going to take place. Because there is going to be a reduction in illicit markets, it is more likely that the economy is going to benefit greatly especially when it comes to the tax that is going to be paid for the weed.

  • Reduces harm

Another reason as to why legalization is beneficial is because of the fact that there is going to be less harmful. Many young people tend to involve themselves in a lot of violence as they are trying to get weed in the black market. With its legalization, youth access to recreational and medical cannabis is going to be curbed.

Understanding THC And Effects On Pets Especially Dogs?

With the legalization of weed in many different states, veterinarians are having an increase in dogs coming in because of weed. Many of these dogs are normally been treated for weed poisoning after consuming the drug itself or a product that contains THC. When your pet let?s say your dog ends up consuming weed, all that they end up experiencing are the side effects that come with THC and effects on pets e use of THC. Most commonly, they are going to experience things like dribbling urine, lethargy, wobbling gait, saliva and they are also going to be very highly sensitive on noise and light. As much as the symptoms that have been mentioned may not really be life-threatening, they do not have any beneficial effect on your pet.

However, the most important thing that one needs to understand is that the treatment for your dog is simple. However, before the treatment is looked upon, why would you want to put your pet through such an uncomfortable situation? For the better of your dog or any other pet you may be keeping, it is important for you to make sure that you keep away from your pets.

If your dog recently took something that contains THC, the best possible reaction would for it to be induced so that it can vomit it out. Doing this is very important because it is at least going to prevent your dog from having to go through the various symptoms that come with the use of this drug. However, if a considerable amount has elapsed and you already know what THC and effects on pets, then it is advisable for you to make sure that your dog is hydrated throughout in a place that is quiet for a couple of hours. You can do this for a given period until the amount of THC in their system goes down.

You may be wondering what THC and effects on pets and why the effects have to be so negative. Even though it might not be clear if a dog is able to tolerate the psychoactive ingredient that is contained in weed, all we are sure of is that the size of the dog is something that is going to play a key role.  When you compare a human who weighs 150 pounds to a dog that is only 15 pounds, then the THC and effects on pets are going to be at most 10 times to the dog. As mentioned earlier, even though there are no life-threatening effects, your pet may end up getting poisoned simply because of making use of the drug. If you find that your pet is going through serious effects like arthritis that is severe, making use of a treatment that comes from weed may come in handy.

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As of now, I am sitting in my room trying to ignore this fever that kicked in last night. It has ranged from 38 to 39.9 C which is 102 and 104F. Life has been miserable, and I am taking drugs to overcome this virus. On Friday I leave for the boulder jam in South Tirol, so hopefully, it evacuates by then. Other than that the sun

Other than that the sun hasnt come out in like 3 days, it is supposed to be shit weather all next week, and the areas are getting soaked, so hopes of sending the zillertal routes is looking slim. This is the bad thing about winter is the limitations it brings for being outside. All we can do now in the upcoming weeks is snowboard, walk around the old town or go to Tivoli.

Switzerland should be getting prime so time to switch focus into bouldering. The other night we got bored from just chilling inside all day so the camera was whipped out and the photoshoot began. must say this camera is pretty badass and just shooting random things is fun. No telling what the next few days will bring besides getting over this plague and going inside… maybe some snowboarding/skiing put into the mix (its just too damn expensive to go everytime and build a rhythm, definately getting a board on the return to the U.S., shit is addicting).