Month: August 2018

Tips on how to find and repair a leaking roof

Some of the roof leaks we experience at our homes are so simple that you can take a few minutes to repair them yourself. But sometimes it is difficult to know where to start from. Surely, you do not want to spend a huge amount of your budget to hire a very expensive contractor who will only come and fix a simple leak. This article is meant to give you tips on what to do to get the leak yourself and do the repair.

  1. Look for stain. Follow the stain upwards slowly to discover where it has come from; try to look for any penetrations because they are the likely cause of the leak. We have penetrations like chimneys and dormers that are the likely cause of your roof leakage. If there is a ceiling and poses a difficult in following the leak, then you better think of climbing onto the roof. You can ask somebody to go up the roof with a water house to start looking for the roof from the area you have suspected or refer to Kirking Roofing LLC You soak the area where the leak is suspected at first slowly. The one in the house will be watching and waiting the drip to come. The leak is directly above the area where drip has come from and tells your friend that you have seen it.
  2. In terms of repairing walls and dormer, ensure that you replace any old caulk with the new one if that is the problem.

    Spoiled sidings are also replaced with new pieces

  3. Ensure that curled or bent shingles are straightened by using an electric hair dry. Asphalt is highly inflammable and do not use direct heat on it
  4. Re-fix  the curled shingles using cement or a suitable compound in the area around the leak
  5. You need to replace loose shingles so that your roof does not leak. First remove the material, scratch the area to remove any leftovers, prepare the new shingle properly and replace it back
  6. In roll roofing, you inspect the leak or blisters on the roof. You cut the blister, remove water and use cement or any compound to fix it.
  7. Inspection of area where surfaces connect. In the area around the chimney, look for damaged caulking and remove it and apply a new silicon latex  caulk
  8. Holes. They are likely to cause water leakage even when they are small. You are supposed to mark them well and use appropriate compound to seal them. Any large holes require professional inspection.
  9. Replacing skylights should be done by technicians though you can do some simple fixes using a special caulk.

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