Month: March 2018

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The cons of using management software

Although the management software is greatly important in the management of projects all over the globe whose success has been confirmed by itssuccesses, like any other human made item has its downside, the management software is not exemption to this and it also suffers its cons while using it.However,this is not to mean that the management software is a bad thing to use because its strengths outweigh the shortcomings thus making it a viable Function Point Software to use. This article therefore will delve into the cons of the management software so that you can make an informed choice while choosing the tool of helping you manage projects. They include:

Requires electricity

For the management Software to work it needs electricity so that it can power the devices in which the software is run from. This therefore makes the software depend directly to the electric current. This is very dangerous as it means whenever there is no electricity you cannot use it even when your deadline day is approaching. In addition the electricity that the software requires must be paid for and thus accumulating a lot of other expenses which may be added making it among the most expensive ways of managing a project. Electricity bills can be very much expensive especially when you require the project to be done over a long period of time.

Doesn’t support teamwork

The management software works in that the manager can sit in his or her office and manage the project without ever even meeting the workers. This could pose a great challenge because for a great success of the project you need to build bonds with the whole team, which you are working with. Therefore, the managements function point productivity software packages does not encourage socialization, which is very important in life as people can even network which is an essential part of career growth. What the management software does is putting people in a distant relationship, which is not healthy, as you will not be united.

It requires machines

The management software requires to be run in computers so that it can work, you cannot operate it without a device. These devices like computers cost money and are very expensive especially the strong ones. In addition, in case you want the project to work effectively you need to provide everyone with a device that can record the work progress starting from the manager to the workers. With the cost of these devices being so high you will need to cough out some of the money to provide the workers these devices failure to which the project will not realize its objective, which is the most important factor in the project.